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Rosberg: 'For sure I'm smiling'

Wednesday 29th January 2014


Rosberg: 'For sure I'm smiling'

Rosberg: 'For sure I'm smiling'

Nico Rosberg was a happy man after the second day of testing at Jerez, having been left confident that Mercedes' pre-season preparations are on the right track.

Rosberg clocked up an impressive 97 laps on Thursday - more than the entire grid managed the day before - which including two lengthy afternoon runs.

Considering that all Renault-powered cars managed only 19 laps in total, with Sebastian Vettel himself completing just eight laps, Mercedes can certainly feel happy about what was a highly productive day for them.

Rosberg said the day's proceedings were a massive boost for the team.

"For sure I'm smiling, the team did a great job," he told Autosport.

"Yesterday went a bit wrong with Lewis having a shunt but they fixed the bits during the night and flew them out, so thanks to all of you in England for fixing that.

"We had such a great day - we just drove and drove, loads of laps and that's what we need at the moment.

"That's how you can really progress and get rid of the reliability problems and understand everything better, so it's been a very positive day.

"I don't know about comparing to other people - it is just one day that went well for us. Yesterday went poorly for us, so you need to be careful.

"But I can look at ourselves and say we're on target today, with the amount of kilometres we were able to do."

Rosberg added that the focus would remain on mileage rather than set-up or development work ahead of the opening Grand Prix of the season at Melbourne.

"At the moment the cars are still quite far off [Melbourne spec]," he said.

"I'm sure there will still be performance to come.

"At the moment it's about getting kilometres, [solving] reliability problems and trying to get to the finish line in the first couple of races while at the same time trying to improve our actual speed.

"With a day like today we're on track."

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