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Grosjean: Perez needs to accept blame

Friday 27th June 2014


Grosjean: Perez needs to accept blame

Grosjean: Perez needs to accept blame

Former F1 crash kid Romain Grosjean says the first step Sergio Perez needs to take to become a better driver is to acknowledge when he is in the wrong.

Although in the past it was Grosjean who earned the scorn of many of his rivals, in recent times that has befallen Perez.

The Mexican racer came in for a great deal of criticism after crashing into Felipe Massa at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Deemed to have changed his racing line, Perez caused a serious accident with Massa's impact with the barriers registering at 27gs. Thankfully neither driver was hurt.

Perez was penalised for the crash but insisted he was the injured party and even when his penalty was upheld under review in Austria he maintained his innocence.

However, as long as he continues to do that, Grosjean says he will never improve as a driver.

"If you want to improve you have to accept blame," the Lotus driver told Autosport.

"When you have a bad day in the car, you have to look at what you could have done better and reset your mind.

"It's not because of blame that you can't trust people or work with them. Criticism is only to move forward."

Grosjean, who was hit with a one-race ban in 2012 after one crash too many, added: "In my case it was taking a little bit the wrong decision at some key points.

"There's not much difference between getting it right and getting it wrong.

"I just needed to work, which I did with my psychologist, and we still work quite hard.

"It was [about] just getting the right objective [in mind].

"At one point everything I wanted to do was win a race, so from the start line to the first corner to the chequered flag it was all about winning.

"I was not focused anymore on the right option.

"It was certainly not the best time of my F1 career. You need a lot of mental strength to come on the grid when everyone is beating on you."

The 28-year-old added that he personally had no issue with Perez.

"Everyone has their point of view on the incident between Perez and Massa.

"So far I had no big troubles with Sergio this year. I don't think there is anyone out there who is dangerous."

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