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Di Resta's manager reveals concerns

Friday 18th October 2013


Di Resta's manager reveals concerns

Di Resta's manager reveals concerns

Paul di Resta's manager admits he has concerns about the Scot's future especially if Force India opt to go with a pay driver.

Although di Resta is Force India's leading points-scorer for this season, he has not netted a single point since the British Grand Prix back in June.

His dismal run, which coincided with Pirelli's decision to change the tyres, includes five retirements and two P11s.

However, whether Force India will look past that - or even look for money - when deciding their 2014 line-up remains to be seen.

"It's difficult to know what will happen next year," Richard Goddard told Press Association Sport.

"There are a lot of drivers in the sport with money, and there are a lot of teams that need money.

"That is probably the biggest issue, that it is not just outright talent that gets you a seat in the car any more.

"But Force India have always been very fair in that they have tended to put outright talent in the car, and they haven't looked to a driver to bring in income, which is great.

"That's because they are well funded by a couple of individuals and corporations who are able to do that, and hopefully they will carry on doing that.

"Some other teams are looking for drivers to bring in income, and unfortunately Paul doesn't have a government-backed scheme or a rich billionaire standing behind him."

The Scot's situation is further compounded by Force India's at times late announcement of their line-up. Last year it took until the Christmas party in December for the team to confirm di Resta.

"It is a tricky situation to be in," his manager added.

"We're still under option. We haven't been told we're not going to be signed.

"But if the option lapses and doesn't get taken up, then it is a case of waiting to see if Force India come back to us and negotiate on a new basis.

"It's difficult to determine because this last half of the season he (Di Resta) has been adversely affected by the tyres.

"He hasn't produced the results he would want to produce, but overall it is the team under-delivering on what it should have delivered.

"The team is probably fairly disappointed at where it is because it started the season so well."

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