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Chilton apologised for Maldonado crash

Monday 27th May 2013



Chilton apologised for Maldonado crash

Chilton apologised for Maldonado crash

Max Chilton has apologised to Pastor Maldonado for causing the collision that put the Williams out of the Monaco GP.

Attempting to stay ahead of the Venezuelan driver, Chilton moved across his line, hitting the front wing of Maldonado's car.

The impact broke the wing, which buckled under the car, launching him into the air barrier at Tabac at pace.

Maldonado, thankfully, escaped without any serious injury and was only left with a few bruises.

Chilton was handed a drive-through penalty by the Monte Carlo stewards who deemed him responsible.

"I've been to see Pastor because I wanted to see that he was OK and he was really nice about it," the rookie told Autosport.

"He said I was coming across on him and I did say if I did, I'm sorry, it wasn't intentional.

"The stewards thought it was my fault and when you are in the car you can't see as much as you can with a camera view.

"That was the incident, we've got to apologise and move on."

As for his lack of pace down into Tabac, the Marussia driver said that was a result of him having to avoid fellow rookie Esteban Gutierrez.

"The incident started when Esteban did a lunge into the chicane," the Brit explained.

"If you turn in, it's going to end badly and he was locked up so the best thing to do was to let him go round the corner and then join in behind him.

"I knew there was other cars near and I could see another car to the right and behind, with probably a 10 metre gap [to it] so I stayed in the middle of the road.

"Turn 12 comes up pretty fast so I was fixated on that apex."

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