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Prost: New rules won't slow the Bulls

Friday 8th November 2013



Prost: New rules won't slow the Bulls

Prost: New rules won't slow the Bulls

Alain Prost reckons rather than bringing an end to Red Bull's reign, next year's changes will fire up the reigning World Champions.

Next season Formula One will undergo major changes spearheaded by the move from 2.4-litre V8 engines to 1.6-litre turbocharged V6s with Energy Recovery Systems.

It is hoped amongst Red Bull's rivals that the new regulations will level the playing field.

However, former World Champion Prost believes what they will instead do is prevent Red Bull from slipping into complacency.

"In a way Sebastian and the team, they are lucky that there is a change of regulations," Prost said.

"They have won four times, which is really exceptional. But with this new regulation you cannot lose the motivation because you are obliged to work again.

"Adrian [Newey] is obviously very happy as he has a new bone, a new target, and that is fantastic."

Prost, who won four World titles during his year's in F1, also denied that Sebastian Vettel needs to move teams in order to prove himself.

"Next season is not the season where you want to go away," he said. "You want to stay with what you know, and the way he is working with the team it is going to be quite essential for the team to keep him.

"If I was him, proving that he can win with new regulations and a new car, with something different, that will be the best answer and we see what is going on in the future."

In fact, the Frenchman says as long as Red Bull are providing him with the best car in the field, Vettel should stay put.

"[Fernando] Alonso was considered as a top driver - and if you are not in the best car you cannot win," Prost told Autosport.

"So if the question is, should he change team to prove to the public or to you that? I would say no.

"You do not change team for this reason. You change because you think you are tired, or you lost motivation, or you had a problem inside the team, or you think the best future is maybe with another car."

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