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Todt: Too much made of double points

Saturday 1st March 2014



Todt: Too much made of double points

Todt: Too much made of double points

Jean Todt believes too much focus is being put on F1's new double points rule, saying it is a "little parameter" compared to other changes.

This season, for the first time, double points will be awarded at the season-ending Abu Dhabi in a bid to keep the Championship alive until the final lap of the campaign.

The rule has not gone down well with many with past and present F1 personalities saying it is too artificial.

Todt, however, feels there are bigger things to focus on than one "little" change.

"The double points? It's a little fog in a big picture," he said in an exclusive interview with Autosport.

"If you ask me 'what do you feel?' Honestly, I'm not very excited about it, I'm not really excited. But it's such a little parameter, compared to so many other things."

He does, however, concede that the sport needs to try new ways of keeping the attention of the fans.

"On one side I must sympathise, to say, 'how can we create more interest to the end of the Championship?'"

"It is true, if the Championship is settled, your editors will say: 'there's no point you going, because the Championship is over'. So you have less interest, which is natural, it will happen in any kind of sport.

"If it was a bad move, after one year we can say, 'OK, we step back, the idea was not good.' But anyway we are not changing the world of Formula 1 by making double points at the last race."

As for what issues the FIA President feels Formula One should be focused on, he says cost cutting is the most important for F1's long-term future.

"My number one item: cost reduction. And I feel it's kind of insane - we don't need, for 46,000km a year for two cars in F1, to have 800 people.

"I think you can do a proper job with half or one third of this amount of people.

"So on that front we have a responsibility, together with the commercial rights holder. We will be stronger if we work hand in hand."

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