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Italy GP Results
Pos Driver
1 Lewis Hamilton
2 Nico Rosberg
3 Felipe Massa

Williams chasing points and podiums

Wednesday 9th April 2014



Williams chasing points and podiums

Williams chasing points and podiums

Although Williams have yet to fight for a podium, Claire Williams insists nothing has gone wrong, it's just a case of others had inflated expectations.

Setting the pace in the final pre-season test to go along with solid reliability, many predicted that Williams could fight for race wins and even the World title.

However, as yet the team has not even achieved a podium finish.

Although well beyond the five points they scored the whole of last season, some could argue that Williams have not lived up to pre-season expectations.

Williams, though, says nothing has gone wrong, it's just a case of others had inflated those expectations.

"I don't think it has," she told the official F1 website when asked what had 'gone slightly wrong, "but there has been a lot commentary around Williams - where we may have been and what we may have been ahead of Melbourne.

"As a team internally we knew where we were. So we didn't have the expectation that we were going to win races - and we never would go into a season thinking that we are going to win..."

The deputy team principal did admit it was a flattering hearing all the talk about Williams and the perceived potential.

Her goals for the team, though, are regular points and maybe even a podium or two.

"Of course that was great, and it brought a lot of pressure to the party - especially on the back of last year when it was so disappointing - to then have people telling you that they think you could be a winning team again.

"Yes, that was great and gave a lot of positive momentum to actually go for changes. That was really important.

"We always set the goal to improve upon last season's Championship position. To consistently score points - and even some podiums - would be fantastic."

However, having both drivers wanting those points can bring with it its own issues as the team discovered in Malaysia.

With Valtteri Bottas hunting down Felipe Massa, the Brazilian was informed his team-mate was not only faster but had fresher tyres, a clear indication that he was meant to move over. He did not.

"It was a difficult situation in Malaysia - and one we do not want to repeat," Williams stated.

"We were not prepared for that and didn't handle the situation very well, but what is important is that we got away from that race realising that we hadn't handled it well.

"We pulled together very quickly to diffuse the situation, and talked it through - with the engineers, the drivers - and put together new procedures so that there will not be a repeat of that situation.

"Right now there are no hard feelings. Everybody understands that it was meant for the best of the team, but sometimes you get wrong calls in a highly-pressured situation on the pit wall.

"In hindsight everything looks different. In that moment the guys made the call because they thought it was in the interests of the team. But it is all behind us now and we have moved forward."

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