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Red Bull verdict on Tuesday

Monday 14th April 2014



Red Bull verdict on Tuesday

Red Bull verdict on Tuesday

Red Bull will have to wait until Tuesday to learn whether Daniel Ricciard's 18 points from the Australian GP will be returned.

The Australian driver was stripped of his runner-up result and the points when his RB10 was found to have "consistently exceeded" the maximum allowed fuel flow rate of 100 kilograms per hour.

Red Bull appealed the decision and the hearing took place on Monday at the FIA's headquarters in Paris.

During the six-hour hearing, Red Bull argued that adhering to the FIA's fuel sensor measurements meant Ricciardo lost 0.4s per lap.

"When Mr (Fabrice) Lom approached us and said that he felt we were using too much fuel, we disagreed with that," Autosport quotes Red Bull's technical director Adrain Newey as having said.

"No team wants to court controversy and then defend itself, so if you can comply with those wishes even if you don't agree with them, then that's what you do and that's exactly what we did.

"The fact is, it then became evident that if we continued to comply, we would lose positions."

Newey also revealed that that there was a notable change in what they deem to have been unreliable readings on lap 38.

"We see this jump at around lap 38 from around the 1.3 per cent mark to around the 1.8 per cent mark," he said. "It was completely unexplainable from our point of view."

The reigning World Champions, though, were accused of following the measurements when it suited them.

Mercedes attended the hearing with their lawyer Paul Harris claiming that Red Bull were in a "flagrant and deliberate disregard for the rules" and that they believe they are "entitled to pick and choose between the measurements."

Harris later stated that Red Bull had defied the instructions of the officials thus harming the interest of fair competition.

As such, Harris, who likened Red Bull's transgression to that of BAR back in 2005 trying to hide a second fuel tank, called for a harsher punishment for Red Bull especially if they again break the rules.

Harris, though, wasn't the only one accusing the Bulls of only listening to the rules when they want.

FIA lawyer Sebastien Bernard said they "cannot pick out" what they want and that "if you specify certain technical directives as relevant then it must apply to all."

He added: "If one team interprets the directives in one direction and the other in another, we were in the Wild West."

His statement was in response to Red Bull claiming that "technical directives are the opinion of the technical delegate... not regulatory" after a FIA directive in March stated that teams can only use their own fuel-flow model is it is approved by the FIA. Red Bull's was not.

Red Bull's lawyer Ali Malek denied that the Champs cheated andt hat they deliberately ignored the instructions of the FIA.

They will now have to wait until Tuesday to learn their fate.

"We will announce the decision tomorrow morning at the latest," CAI general secretary Jean-Christophe Breillat told Reuters.

The full decision "with the motivation" will be published by the end of the week.

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