Prost: F1 needs to explain new rules

Saturday 17th May 2014



Prost: F1 needs to explain new rules

Prost: F1 needs to explain new rules

Alain Prost feels Formula 1 should have done more to promote its new greener regulations and explain the fundamentals.

This season, the sport moved towards greener power, adopting a 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engine with ERS.

However, other noise complaints, four-time World Champion Prost says very little has been explained to the public about the new regulations.

Speaking to Press Association Sport, Prost said: "Formula One has moved to a very different engine.

"What they are doing is fantastic in a way, but has not been very well explained, and that is a problem.

"At least everybody knows that with Formula E what you see is an electric car, but in Formula One there is sometimes a little bit of confusion.

"I was in London when the first (F1) test took place earlier this year, which was a disaster, but it was not important that one team did five laps or 10 laps.

"What was important was that people, and the media, understood what Formula One was doing and explained what was being done and why.

"At the moment it is not fantastic, it is not really the case because right now the cars have the same power, but are using 30 to 40 per cent less fuel, which is amazing, so big.

"But the fans perhaps do not care too much, so there is a little bit of confusion and young people aren't following and aren't interested.

"With Formula E it is much more interesting, and with the organisers we are all in the same boat. We're bringing new ideas, and that's what I like."

Speaking earlier this week when the first Formula E cars were delivered to their teams, the 59-year-old is confident that series such as Formula E will not impact on Formula 1's popularity.

"I don't think you can replace Formula One with something like this, and that is the good thing," said the Frenchman.

"It's something new, a new formula, a new area, so you can't compare.

"Having a new discipline, going so far into the technology, it's the way to go, and I must say what has so far been done on the technical and marketing side is absolutely exceptional.

"The whole world is talking about Formula E.

"The only things I would say are the same as F1 is that you need to find the money, the sponsors and you need to win, which is part of the game of motor racing."

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