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3 Lewis Hamilton

Rosberg: We don't share everything

Tuesday 24th June 2014



Rosberg: We don't share everything

Rosberg: We don't share everything

Nico Rosberg admitted that both he and Lewis Hamilton will keep some data to themselves, even though Mercedes' stance has always been one of transparency.

Rosberg confirmed that the data from both cars are freely available to both drivers, information that relates to how he made small gains during a race weekend he would keep to himself.

"The data, everything is open, it's just that sometimes you're not going to put it on the table [and say] 'Look, here, what I've done'. If I find a little bit of an advantage somewhere then I'm not going to tell everybody about it, I'll keep it to myself. It's little bits and pieces here," Rosberg revealed to

"But of course, in the background we're racing for the Silver Arrows and everything is free because as a team we need to be strong and we're strongest when we work together.

"And we do work together, and it will continue to be like that but at the same time we're fighting each other so whenever we can have a little bit of an advantage over the other we will take it."

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff admitted that the level of transparency in the team has suffered in recent weeks and urged both drivers to continue working together for the greater good while competing for individual honours.

"We need the whole group working together - the drivers and engineers from both sides of the garage - this is the spirit we want to maintain," Wolff told Autosport.

"It's not about winning the next couple of races, but hopefully staying competitive for the next couple of years.

"Therefore, every race we need to learn, and we can only learn if we have an open and transparent way of working with each other.

"It's clearly becoming very competitive, and the longer we go into the season the more competitive it's going to get.

"Transparency is all about exchanging views and learning from each other.

"We have to look very carefully at it. We don't want to keep the lap that shows how capable the car is until the final qualifying, because we need to understand where we can improve the car.

"I'm not saying this has happened, we just don't want to see any sandbagging and aborted laps when we need to learn about the car.

"The drivers' main agenda is winning the Drivers' Championship; our agenda is about winning the Constructors' Championship and making sure one of the drivers wins the Drivers' Championship, so maybe first we need to win the Constructors' Championship and then we can unleash them."

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