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1 Lewis Hamilton
2 Nico Rosberg
3 Fernando Alonso

What To Buy Drivers For Xmas

Monday 23rd December 2013


What To Buy Drivers For Xmas

What To Buy Drivers For Xmas

We've already suggested some F1-themed presents for fans to buy, but what kind of present would you get for drivers or team managers. Here's some suggestions. Not all of them are available in the shops...

Paul Di Resta
$15 million and a Mexican accent...or...Allan McNish's sportscar drive...or...a loan spell of David Coulthard's lucky underpants

Lewis Hamilton
A doggy dressing up kit for Roscoe, so that he too can come to grands prix in Mercedes Petronas gear (and designer shades)

Jenson Button
Reasons To Be Cheerful by Ian Dury and the Blockheads

Fernando Alonso
A fluffy pink piggy friend for his fluffy pink piggy mascot that Dasha gave him. Taking that into the garage is true love. So let's take that test a little further.

Felipe Massa
A Williams contract for Rob Smedley

Sergio Perez
Elbow pads

Kimi Raikkonen
A customized T-shirt with a Lewis Hamilton radio message: "You need to give me more feedback, man!"

Nico Hulkenberg
The official 5:2 Diet book

Pastor Maldonado
Toby Young's best-selling book, How To Lose Friends and Alienate People
There's still a couple of things he could learn

Vijay Mallya
A Pirelli calendar... to throw darts at

Max Chilton
The I-Spy Guide to F1 Cars How to recognise the entire 2013 grid just from staring at their rear wings.

Martin Whitmarsh
A Tardis to take him back to the point at the end of the 2012 season when one of the McLaren engineers said: "You know what, we could just stick with this car and develop it a little bit..."

Helmut Marko
An annual membership to the St Johann-in-Tyrol bowls club - there are so many better things he could be doing with his Sunday afternoons

Sauber's Pitlane Release Guy
SpecSavers vouchers

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