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Abu Dhabi GP Results
Pos Driver
1 Lewis Hamilton
2 Felipe Massa
3 Valtteri Bottas

Team-Mate Wars: Austrian GP

Wednesday 25th June 2014


Team-Mate Wars: Austrian GP

Team-Mate Wars: Austrian GP

In F1 the first person you have to beat is your team-mate...

Nico Rosberg 2 - Lewis Hamilton 6

Race: Rosberg
The battle of Hamilton vs Rosberg is now impacting on Mercedes performance as Toto Wolff has come out and said (what many predicted would happen) that team-mates are not sharing information, and that's why they didn't get the front row in Austria. As a shareholder in Williams, he should be so worried!

The fact is that Lewis is marginally the faster driver and as soon as he does something quicker, the information is passed on to Rosberg who copies it. So why would Hamilton give any advantage away when he's getting worse reliability and slower pit-stops?

Red Bull
Daniel Ricciardo 6 - Sebastian Vettel 2

Race: Ricciardo
The team-mate score reflects exactly the qualifying score and it's emboldened many reporters to ask Seb - why is Daniel Ricciardo quicker than you? The answer is that he's a better driver of the RB10 and Seb is generous enough not to hide behind excuses.

This was one of those races where Dan got mugged at the start, not away from the line, but as soon as he got pushed over the difficult kerb on the outside of the Turn 1 exit. He finally made P8 after heroic last lap overtake of Hulkenberg. You can tell Dan's committed, he wore lederhosen before the race.

Fernando Alonso 7 - Kimi Raikkonen 1

Race: Alonso
After Qualifying that saw Felipe take pole, Alonso described him as the best team-mate he ever had. Few thought this was anything but a dig at Raikkonen, which is surprising given Alonso's domination of his team-mate this year. On a short lap, such as the Red Bull Ring, three or four tenths can contain a lot of cars and so Kimi's grid slot looked distant to Fernando, and he just couldn't make up the places with race pace after being asked to cool his brakes from a very early stage (though he did get a good start).

Fernando was asked if he was encouraged by being the best non-Mercedes runner in Austria, but we got default hang-dog: "There is always the satisfaction that everyone believes that you are performing at your best. There's the respect from the drivers, team principals and fans for the job that you do. But I'd prefer to have no respect and win more trophies." Almost the opposite of Vettel, really.

Jenson Button 5 - Kevin Magnussen 3

Race: Button
Jenson was critical that McLaren had hired a rookie to sit alongside him this year and that wasn't the best way of going about developing the car. Well the rookie did a considerably better job at qualifying the MP4/29 than he did in Austria and the result flowed from that.

Starting from P11 on the grid, on new tyres for a change, Button was hopeful of making up places at the start. He came round at the end of lap 1 in P12 and his race was set from there. Magnussen started P6, lost a place to Lewis Hamilton, but gained one on Daniel Ricciardo, who he gave a friendly help over the "sausage kerb".

Given their resources, it's worrying that they are the fourth-best Mercedes power car. Presumably it's a relief to them that Marussia don't have Mercedes engines.

Valtteri Bottas 3 - Felipe Massa 5

Race: Massa
Williams got the podium they should have bagged in Canada but it was Valtteri Bottas who stubbornly hung on in front of Lewis Hamilton for much of the race, thanks in part, by a fantastic first pit-stop for the Finn. Had Williams taken the same amount of time as Mercedes then it might have been much closer between the two Williams drivers without the buffer of Lewis in between.

The racing looked muted in Austria because all the cars were learning how to manage their hybrid systems in temperatures and under loads they'd not faced before, and all were mindful of what happened to Hamilton in Montreal.

Toro Rosso
Jean-Eric Vergne 3 - Daniil Kvyat 5

Race: Kvyat
Fantastic qualifying from Kvyat, but like many in Austria, brakes were a problem on both cars. Kvyat's suspension failure put him out of the race after a dreadful start. JEV's brakes failed as well. And neither of them got to wear lederhosen.

Force India
Nico Hulkenberg 5 - Sergio Perez 3

Race: Perez
Perez produced the kind of result that should have come his way in Montreal. Like Hamilton he delivered a cracking opening lap, up from P15 to P10 and then used the Force India's traditional inability to wear out tyres. Having a 'Brixworth Flyer' in the back always helps.

Romain Grosjean 6 - Pastor Maldonado 2

Race: Maldonado
Through the timing of the pit-stops Pastor actually got himself running near the front of the race again, which will be the only comfort in Lotus's nightmare season. At times in qualifying, Grosjean looked quick, but it seems like an ongoing battle to sort the car and keep the team afloat.

Esteban Gutierrez 4 - Adrian Sutil 4

Race: Sutil
Lotus may be having a nightmare season, but are still showing glimpses of real potential. Sauber just seem to be stumbling from race to race, while Marussia get ever near. Sutil was better than his incident-prone team-mate this weekend.

Marcus Ericsson 1 - Kamui Kobayashi 7

Race: Kobayashi
For a long period in the race Kamui was able to run in front of the Marussias. He's getting little challenge from Ericsson this year.

Max Chilton 3 - Jules Bianchi 5

Race: Bianchi
The Marussias were reasonably close in qualifying, but made sure they weren't too close at the start. Bianchi is re-asserting his 2013 advantage.

Star of the race
Lewis Hamilton 3, Sergio Perez 2, Daniel Ricciardo 1, Jules Bianchi 1, Valtteri Bottas 1,

Overtaking Move of the Race
Daniel Ricciardo 2, Lewis Hamilton 2, Valtteri Bottas 1, Kamui Kobayashi 1, Sebastian Vettel 1, Nico Hulkenberg 1

Sat on the Naughty Step
Pastor Maldonado 3, Max Chilton 2, Christian Horner 1, Kevin Magnussen 1, Ecclestone 1 (for suggesting it would be no problem to lose cars off the grid)

Media Watch
Three Times Le Mans Winner, Allan McNish "They really need to concentrate on qualifying, that's one of their Achilles heels."

One-Time FF1600 Starter, Andrew Davies

Vettel's Maiden Ferrari Run

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