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Whitmarsh: Perez has raced very well

Saturday 19th October 2013



Whitmarsh: Perez has raced very well

Whitmarsh: Perez has raced very well

Despite defending Sergio Perez's erratic Japanese GP weekend, Martin Whitmarsh says he is no "tearing rush" to re-sign his driver.

Perez's weekend at the Suzuka circuit began with a heavy crash in FP2, which he admitted was his mistake, and ended with a P15 in Sunday's race after an incident with Nico Rosberg.

The Mercedes driver branded the 23-year-old's move as "dangerous" after the two collided, resulting in a puncture for Perez.

Whitmarsh, though, has downplayed his driver's issues, saying he has also "raced very well."

He explained to Autosport: "A lot of people had problems - it is that sort of circuit.

"With the incident on Friday, I think we can probably show 50 of this type of crash at that very corner and that same type of incident.

"It is something about going into Spoon there. You drift over to the right - Michael [Schumacher] did it last year on Friday.

"It is one of those things that happens. It is not great, but it was OK.

"I think Checo was racing well too. Where we were, he should have able to get seventh or eighth.

"Considering where we are at the moment, I think the last two or three races he has raced very well indeed."

But despite defending his driver, the McLaren team boss once again stated that he is in no hurry to re-sign the Mexican racer as he wants to see how the next few races pan out.

"There is no hurry. I had said all along that let's let a few races go by, and let's have a chat. And that is exactly what we are going to do.

"There is no tearing rush at the moment to do this.

"I know it becomes a story and lots more spurious stories stem from it, but there is no hurry for it."

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