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Massa downplays Bahrain woes

Thursday 20th February 2014


Massa downplays Bahrain woes

Massa downplays Bahrain woes

Despite failing to set a time on Wednesday, Felipe Massa insists there is no cause for panic at Williams.

The Brazilian's outing at the Sakhir circuit got off to a stuttering start on Day One as he managed just five laps due to a fuel system problem.

But despite spending his day with his Mercedes-powered FW36 stuck in the garage, Massa believes his team can bounce back.

Asked if Williams understood the problem, he said: "I think so, but not 100 per cent.

"Every time that we had this problem we needed to dismount the car, mount again. Every time you dismount and mount you lose three hours. Then we had the problem again. We had to pass through so many things and I hope tomorrow will be okay.

"I don't think it should be a big problem to be honest. We saw that most of the Mercedes teams could run.

"We ran in Jerez so it's something that I'm not so worried [about] because we run already. It's not the first time that we put the car on the track and we could not drive.

"We did many laps [in Jerez] and I think it's important to understand quickly the problem that we had."

And, like many who have experienced problems in pre-season testing, the 32-year-old says this is the right time for Williams to learn more about their car.

"The car is new, sometimes things happen and you don't understand why, but I think it's important to pass through this problem and understand everything about the car.

"We know that when we arrive in Australia maybe the reliability is more important than anything so I think it's important to pass through all the issues. Maybe what we had was not nice because we lost one day but it's important to understand."

He added: "To be honest there's still some understanding for us. The mileage is very important for the so few days we have for testing. You have so many things that we need to understand and learn about the fuel saving, how to drive the car in the race.

"You need to understand about the tyres, that are a little harder [in compound] than last year. You need to understand if it's too hard or not. The way of driving the car is something that is coming naturally. But mileage is important - it is important for all of us.

"Not just for the drivers but for the team as well to get to the first race and be prepared, be ready. Maybe most of the teams they are not 100% ready now. Maybe the team that made more mileage was Mercedes, so maybe they are a little bit in front. But maybe they are still not 100% ready yet.

"We can have many surprises in the first races and we need to be ready to, if you have a surprise, we need to be inside that."

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