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Alonso: Give Mattiacci time

Thursday 17th April 2014


Alonso: Give Mattiacci time

Alonso: Give Mattiacci time

Fernando Alonso has played it safe, refusing to pass judgement on Ferrari's decision to sign a non-racing man as team boss.

Earlier this week, Stefano Domenicali stepped down from his post, calling it time on a trying few years in charge of the Formula 1 team.

Almost immediately Ferrari announced that his position would go to Marco Mattiacci, who was CEO of Ferrari's North American division.

The decision has come as a surprise to many as Mattiacci has no racing experience.

Alonso, though, has defended his new team boss.

"I think we need to give him time and try to see how he settles down," said Alonso. "It's too early to say if, y'know, it will be a very good thing or very bad.

"I think we need to make sure he has all the facilities ready, all the technical stuff ready, all the team behind him, try to help him settle down as fast as possible. And, yes, try to put him in a condition to feel comfortable from day one.

"I certainly hope... we are really hoping it will be a successful managing of the team and everyone is looking forward."

The Ferrari driver added that he did not know if the new team boss would be present at this weekend's Chinese GP.

"I didn't have a chance. I don't know if he is coming here, I guess so.

"It will be a good time to welcome him and I have really not much to say.

"I drive the car and hopefully he will be good enough to recognise what are the weak areas of the team, what are the strong areas of the team, and hopefully can improve them."

As for Domenicali's decision to step down, Alonso was asked 'is that enough to solve the problem - to save the season - or not.'

He responded: "I think we need to assess what Stefano decided. He was probably not any more in the mood to continue and with the feeling of taking the weight on his shoulders. He made a very responsible move

"It's not easy, when you have a very privileged position in one Formula One team to be able to step back and to say 'maybe it's better to move'. But he did it, just for Ferrari's interest and improvement so that's something that we cannot forget and now we have to respect that decision.

"From that point, for sure, it's not that in this race we will improve one second, because I don't think Stefano was doing the front wing or the rear wing or whatever by his hands, so probably we need to wait a little bit of time and see what we can improve and try to help all the team with the new people coming to make us a little bit stronger and try to get back some of the success from the past."

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