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Kimi: The Championship is the goal

Saturday 25th January 2014


Kimi: The Championship is the goal

Kimi: The Championship is the goal

On his return to Ferrari, Kimi Raikkonen says he is going for the "biggest victory" this season, the World title.

Raikkonen clinched his first Drivers' title with Ferrari in 2007, however, the relationship deteriorated and the Finn walked away at the end of 2009.

Taking two years away from F1, he made a comeback in 2012 with Lotus before opting to return to Ferrari for the 2014 season where he will partner Fernando Alonso.

And, like his team-mate, Raikkonen has just one goal in mind - the Championship.

"It is nice to come back to the Ferrari team, the place where I won my Championship in 2007," said the 34-year-old.

"Obviously the aim is the same. We want to do the best that we can. Try to win races and try to win Championships.

"Time will tell what will happen but we are definitely fighting for the biggest victory."

He added: "I hope we are going to be the strongest team, obviously we will both try hard and we both want to win.

"Time will tell what will happen and if we can bring the Championships back to Ferrari but I would say there are a lot of other things, especially the new rules, that will (decide if) the results will be what we want.

"We are more than capable, both of us, to be up there fighting for the Championships."

As for his back surgery, which kept the Finn from finishing the 2013 season with Lotus, Raikkonen says it had to be done in preparation for this year.

"I had to have a small operation so I didn't really have a choice.

"I wanted to be 100 per cent or as pain-free as possible for the coming season.

"So it was a good and the only choice really. A good time to have this thing done."

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