Last Race: 21st June Austria

Austria GP Results
Pos Driver
1 Nico Rosberg
2 Lewis Hamilton
3 Felipe Massa
Great Britain

Next Race: 05th July Great Britain

F1 Schedule 2015
Grand Prix Date
Australia 13-15 Mar
Malaysia 27-29 Mar
China 10-12 Apr
Bahrain 17-19 Apr
Spain 08-10 May
Monaco 22-24 May
Canada 05-07 Jun
Austria 19-21 Jun
Great Britain 03-05 Jul
Hungary 24-26 Jul
Belgium 21-23 Aug
Italy 04-06 Sep
Singapore 18-20 Sep
Japan 25-27 Sep
Russia 09-11 Oct
United States 23-25 Oct
Mexico 30 Oct - 01 Nov
Brazil 13-15 Nov
Abu Dhabi 27-29 Nov
Constructer's Championship 2015
Team Pts
1 Mercedes 328
2 Ferrari 192
3 Williams 129
4 Red Bull 55
5 Force India 31
6 Lotus 29
7 Sauber 21
8 Toro Rosso 19
9 McLaren 4
10 Manor Marussia 0

Friday's FIA press conference



Friday's FIA press conference

Mike Coughlan, Andrew Green, Dave Greenwood, Adrian Newey, Nikolas Tombazis and Mark Smith answered questions in Spain... Mike Coughlan, Andrew Green, Dave Greenwood, Adrian Newey, Nikolas Tombazis and Mark Smith answered questions in Spain... Q.Mike Coughlan, if we can start with you. You won here last year but what conclusions are we to draw from your performances so far this season? Mike COUGHLAN: Well, we're disappointed. It's a fast-moving sport, everybody's progressing and we haven't made enough progress. We're making steps in the right direction. We're making steps in the right direction but there's a long way... there's at least a second to catch up. Q.And what did you learn from today? MC: We learned that the prototype tyres didn't work on our car and we found that... we had an aero test last week, some things we learned have worked on the circuit here, but we've still got a lot of work to do. Q.Thanks very much. If we can move to Nikolas Tombazis. Obviously, a lot of discussions at the moment about the re-introduction of testing in Formula One. The vote this week didn't necessarily go in favour of it, but do you feel that's the end of the story or do you think there is a chance that will be revisited? Nikolas TOMBAZIS: To be honest I think it's something more for the team principals to be discussing with each other. I guess there will be more discussion about it but I don't think it will be at our level of engineer to be honest that we discuss it. Q.And today? Obviously very close between yourselves and Red Bull. What conclusions do you draw from the running we saw this afternoon? NT: I think it's very difficult to draw any conclusions properly from a Friday. I think we are in reasonable shape but it's impossible to know exactly what fuel levels each team is running. So, I think we're cautiously optimistic but I couldn't say more than that. In the morning obviously it was raining so it was not easy to test some of the components we were planning to test. So that's an ongoing process that will go on for the next race to try and establish whether the new bits are actually faster or not, so it's not possible to answer all the questions in one single session.

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