Great Britain

Last Race: 05th July Great Britain

Great Britain GP Results
Pos Driver
1 Lewis Hamilton
2 Nico Rosberg
3 Sebastian Vettel

Next Race: 19th July Germany

F1 Schedule 2015
Grand Prix Date
Australia 13-15 Mar
Malaysia 27-29 Mar
China 10-12 Apr
Bahrain 17-19 Apr
Spain 08-10 May
Monaco 22-24 May
Canada 05-07 Jun
Austria 19-21 Jun
Great Britain 03-05 Jul
Hungary 24-26 Jul
Belgium 21-23 Aug
Italy 04-06 Sep
Singapore 18-20 Sep
Japan 25-27 Sep
Russia 09-11 Oct
United States 23-25 Oct
Mexico 30 Oct - 01 Nov
Brazil 13-15 Nov
Abu Dhabi 27-29 Nov
Constructer's Championship 2015
Team Pts
1 Mercedes 328
2 Ferrari 192
3 Williams 129
4 Red Bull 55
5 Force India 31
6 Lotus 29
7 Sauber 21
8 Toro Rosso 19
9 McLaren 4
10 Manor Marussia 0

Saturday's FIA Press Conference



Saturday's FIA Press Conference

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Racing) and Romain Grosjean (Lotus) faced the media in Budapest... Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Romain Grosjean faced the media in Budapest... PRESS CONFERENCE Q: Lewis, how much of a worry is the long-run pace for the race tomorrow? Particularly given the heat? Lewis Hamilton: It is what it is, y'know? It's been the same for a long time. We don't come into the race and it's a surprise to us. That's what it is. It's great to have the pole position but it doesn't really mean a lot throughout the weekend. Obviously the race is where we score the points. It's going to be tough tomorrow. It didn't feel like a disaster through our long runs but it definitely wasn't as good as the guys next to me. So, that's the way it is. Q: Sebastian, this is a trophy that's missing from the trophy cabinet. You reduced that number by one last time in the German Grand Prix. How badly do you want this one? Sebastian Vettel: Well, hopefully - I'm not that young anymore but hopefully I've got a couple of years left and I'm not in a rush. Obviously it's a very nice race, a lot of fans coming, especially from Austria to support our team. So, yeah, that's great, a great atmosphere and it would be very nice to win here. It's a shame that they don't have the nice, traditionally trophy any more. Instead we get this, I don't know, this six-legged dog as the trophy on the podium the last couple of years. But, no, I think we are in a good position. Pretty happy with qualifying, obviously I would have loved to have been on pole but Lewis did a good job, as I said before. So we'll see what we can do tomorrow. I'm sure it's going to be hot and a lot will be decided over the tyres. We'll see what we can do. Q: Romain, you were on the podium last year. Is there a certain confidence after last year's performance and this year's performance as well? You were fastest this morning and now here you arte third fastest on the grid. Romain Grosjean: As I said, this has been a pretty good weekend so far and the car is behaving pretty well. The main job was to try to get those new tyres to work properly and it didn't change night and day, so that was a good surprise from yesterday morning. And then, just trying to improve the car lap after lap, and that's what we did. The long run yesterday was OK. It felt OK in the car, which was important. Then tomorrow we will see with the race. We will see different strategies I guess and we'll try to get the best of our car when we get free air and stuff like that.

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