Abu Dhabi

Last Race: 23rd Nov Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi GP Results
Pos Driver
1 Lewis Hamilton
2 Felipe Massa
3 Valtteri Bottas

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Red Bull preview the Indian GP

Saturday 19th October 2013



Red Bull preview the Indian GP

Red Bull preview the Indian GP

Sebastian Vettel could wrap the Drivers' title in India while Mark Webber is chasing his first win of the season...

Sebastian Vettel
Q: Tell us about the Indian GP circuit?
SV: It is not an easy track, because of a few complicated rhythm- breakers that are in there. The most difficult part is the uphill entry to Turn Three, because seeing the apex is practically impossible. So to drive a perfect lap around the Buddh circuit, you need a good driving instinct.

Q: Do you like going to the Indian GP?
SV: So far everything has always gone perfectly for us in India. There is also a very nice trophy at the end of the race - so it would be great to hold one again this year! It's a circuit that I like, in a country that is very, very impressive every time we go there.

Mark Webber
Q: What do you enjoy most about India?
MW: It's an extremely unique country for lots of different reasons, culturally there's lots going on and you've got some pretty spectacular cities, busy cities. I've tried some of the local food and it's really tasty, and obviously spicy, but I don't mind that!

Q: And what is the track like to drive?
MW: The track is good. I think they've done a good job with the circuit, it's a place where you can really put a Formula One car on the limit and it's quick. It's a very demanding track for the car and driver. It's probably very similar to the old Turkey circuit, but the middle sector is very similar to Silverstone - it's very, very fast, but has some undulations as well. The undulations are quite good and quite cute; they've put them in some challenging areas for us.

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