F1 Schedule 2014
Grand Prix Date
Australia 14-16 Mar
Malaysia 28-30 Mar
Bahrain 04-06 Apr
China 18-20 Apr
Spain 09-11 May
Monaco 22-25 May
Canada 06-08 Jun
Austria 20-22 Jun
Great Britain 04-06 Jul
Germany 18-20 Jul
Hungary 25-27 Jul
Belgium 22-24 Aug
Italy 05-07 Sep
Singapore 19-21 Sep
Japan 03-05 Oct
Russia 10-12 Oct
United States 31-02 Nov
Brazil 07-09 Nov
Abu Dhabi 21-23 Nov
Constructer's Championship 2014
Team Pts
1 Mercedes 565
2 Red Bull 342
3 Williams 216
4 Ferrari 188
5 McLaren 143
6 Force India 123
7 Toro Rosso 29
8 Lotus 8
9 Marussia 2
10 Sauber 0
11 Caterham 0
Marina Bay Street Circuit

Staged in the Marina Bay area, the Singapore Grand Prix, which takes place at the Marin Bay Circuit, was the first night race in F1's history and made its debut in 2008.

The design includes powerful lighting systems that will replicate daylight conditions and the most stringent safety protocols will be applied to ensure driver and spectator safety.

In addition, the race is run in an anti-clockwise direction to enhance safety.

Changes were made to the track ahead of the 2009 race. Turn One has been modified to the geometry to reduce corner speed so that it provides potential overtaking opportunities in the braking zone at the approach to the corner.

Turn 13, the tight left-handed hairpin after the historic Anderson Bridge, was amended to increase cornering speed, providing additional speed on Esplanade Drive and increasing the opportunity for overtaking in the braking zone at Turn 14. With the revision, the cars are now likely to reach speeds of approximately 275km/h along Esplanade Drive.

In addition, the geometry of Turn 14 was also modified to improve overtaking opportunities in the braking zone. The changes involved relocating the corner apex to reduce the corner radius and reducing the estimated cornering speed of the cars.

The pit exit was also changed. In 2008 it entered the circuit into the braking zone for Turn One, immediately after the pit wall. But following suggestions from the FIA, the pit lane was realigned and lengthened for 2009, exiting on the drivers' left at Turn Two, away from the racing line and onto a part of the circuit where the cars will all be accelerating.

Finally, the runoff distances at Turn 22 were reduced, providing better spectator circulation in the area.

Singapore Past Winners
Year Driver Team Grid Time
2014 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1 2:00:04.795
2013 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1 1:59:13.132
2012 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 3 2:00:26.144
2011 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1 1:59:06.757
2010 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1 1:57:53.579
2009 Lewis Hamilton McLaren 1 1:56:06.337
2008 Fernando Alonso Renault 15 1:57:16.304


Marina Bay Street Circuit
Circuit name
Marina Bay Street Circuit
Circuit Length
5.065 km
Lap Record
1:48.574 - S Vettel (2013)