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'Bad publicity good for Korean GP'

Wednesday 21st April 2010


'Bad publicity good for Korean GP'

'Bad publicity good for Korean GP'

Korean GP boss Yung Cho-chung believes the recent negative press surrounding the race has helped spark interest.

Track designer Hermann Tilke was last week forced to deny a reported comment expressing his doubts the venue would be built on time.

En route to last weekend's Chinese Grand Prix, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone was given a guided tour of the facilities as they stand, and was delighted with progress.

Yung, CEO and president of race organisers KAVO, is adamant the inaugural event will go ahead as planned on October 22-24, with the circuit now 79% complete.

Despite the critics and doubters, Yung said: "I received about 1,000 telephone calls from all around the world last week, and it reminded me and encouraged me that I have done a pretty good job.

"I remember when Turkey was new, exactly the same thing happened.

"And now, like last year when there was Abu Dhabi, exactly the same stories came around.

"We have heard these stories about us, and I am actually now quite thankful because in the last week everybody is interested in the race, and it has switched back that it is definitely happening.

"Bernie Ecclestone was there and he clarified everything, so I have to thank him.

"He travelled to the circuit to check on the progress, and he was very happy with how things were. I don't think we have a problem at all."

Yung has also allayed fears regarding infrastructure as it has been previously suggested many F1 personnel and media would have to stay on cruise ships on the nearby river due to a lack of hotels.

Speaking to Autosport, Yung added: "Koreans are happy to stay on cruise ships, but I know western people would not be so happy.

"Still, we have reserved another 16,000 rooms around the circuit so you should easily find something.

"There are lots of rooms around there, and enough hotels."

Yung is promising a unique experience for the race, adding: "Our design is very Koreanised, so you will see the difference.

"This area is totally different - it is totally natural, with very fresh air, mountains, the sea and rivers."

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