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New regulations to 'add spice' - Newey

Wednesday 27th November 2013



New regulations to 'add spice' - Newey

New regulations to 'add spice' - Newey

Red Bull Chief Engineer Adrian Newey believes the new FIA regulations that come into effect next year will make for an exciting 2014 Formula One season.

These regulations require the F1 teams to design their cars with a V6 turbo engine as well as incorporate significant aerodynamic changes to both the wings both at the front and the rears of the cars.

The new designs will also make use of the power that the Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) generate, something that is out of the designers' hands.

"The aerodynamic changes are big, but they are smaller than the changes we had in 2009," Newey told the official Formula One website on Tuesday.

"So yes, there is the chance that one team comes up with a car that is better than their rivals', but on top of that you have the engine changes.

"What is absolutely unclear is whether one engine manufacturer will be able to come up with a significant advantage.

"But the car that will brush aside all others will be a car having the combination of good engine and good chassis - if one side is letting you down you will have a problem.

"Who will come up with the ideal combination? That's the big guessing game for all of us and will add spice to the 2014 season."

Even though the new changes are expected to level the playing field in the paddock somewhat, Newey admitted that he is already looking for loopholes within the new FIA rules.

"The first thing that you do is to read the regulations very, very carefully," the Briton continued.

"You try to read what they actually say, rather than what they intend to say, as this is not always the same thing.

"After that I'm actually breaking it down into bite-size chunks. Then you try to understand from the regulations the aerodynamic and mechanical packaging that appears to be the best solutions for those different areas.

"You go away and research them and at some point try to bring it all back together again. For me that is the important bit: the end product should be a whole and not pieces thrown together into one cluster.

"Does it still look a good idea after 24 hours? That decides whether it gets a tick or a cross.

"Actually, you develop a sensibility for that procedure. The brain is an amazing thing: you might be doing something completely different - maybe making a cup of tea - and suddenly you know right from wrong!"

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