'You could write off anyone but Alonso'

Wednesday 21-November-2012 11:42

Damon Hill believes that if Sebastian Vettel was up against any other driver than Fernando Alonso, the title would almost certainly be his.

Heading into the season-ending grand prix in Brazil, Vettel needs only to finish in the top four to win the Championship, while Alonso needs to win the race and hope Vettel finishes fifth or lower.

With the rampant form that Vettel has enjoyed over the second half of the season (he has been on the podium in the last six races, winning four of them), it seems a near impossible task for Alonso to unseat the current title holder.

However, Hill, a World Champion himself in 1996, has warned Red Bull that Alonso is more than capable than of producing the incredible.

"If he had any other opponent, I would say that Sebastian would definitely win with his 13 points advantage," Hill told Die Welt . "But you can't write off someone like Fernando Alonso. He is such a clever and tough driver and he always seems to pull off something extraordinary.

"Anything is possible in Brazil," he added.

"If I had to put a percentage on it, I would say the odds at 65 per cent in favour of Vettel."

Should Vettel triumph, he will have three Championships to his name at the tender age of just 25.

Hill believes that if he wins in Brazil there is a chance he could challenge Michael Schumacher's record of seven titles.

"[The record] is still a very long way away. But he can certainly come close to that number. If Vettel wins in Brazil, then he could quite possibly win two more Championships in his career. At least."

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