Stewart: F1 needs a new Champion

Thursday 16-January-2014 10:41

Sir Jackie Stewart reckons it is time someone put an end to Sebastian Vettel's run of World titles.

Vettel enters the 2014 campaign as a four-time World Champion having gone on a remarkable run with Red Bull Racing.

The German's fourth title secured him yet another record as the sport's youngest quadruple Champ while a fifth this year would see him match Michael Schumacher's record for the most titles in a row.

Stewart, though, says it is time someone else hit the front.

"I think it would be better, I think it would liven things up... It would be refreshing," the 74-year-old told Reuters.

"Four times is a bit greedy," he added jokingly.

"Nobody is up there forever. The world moves on and I'm sure that will be the case. I don't know if it will be next season.

"Red Bull are pretty impressive and they've now got more money coming in from sponsors than they have from Red Bull, because they are getting TV."

One person he believes could challenge is Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton, who the Scot rates highly.

"I think Lewis is the fastest driver in the business," said Stewart. "Just sheer speed. When he puts a quick one in, he's the master at it."

He also doubts that the death of Jenson Button's father, John, last Sunday will have a negative impact on Button's racing.

"A racing driver is a peculiar animal.

"Look at all the death that we had and yet for whatever reason we still raced... I think racing drivers probably are tougher than most people.

"John lived the fullest of lives, and he had a heart attack and he was 70 years of age. And there wasn't much life that he'd missed."

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