Vettel: Engine failed for some reason

Sunday 16-March-2014 06:50

Sebastian Vettel has confirmed that it was an engine failure that put him out of the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

An engine software problem with his Renault unit cost the German in Saturday's qualifying and he lined up 12th on the Melbourne GP grid.

However, even under the formation laps - there were two in light of yellow flags on the grid - the Red Bull driver reported an engine issue.

The problem meant Vettel was unable to make any inroads on the start and instead found himself dropping and was even 17s off the pace on one lap alone.

He eventually pulled into the pits and parked his RB10 having stated "this is ridiculous, guys."

Vettel later confirmed an engine failure.

"On the second formation lap for some reason we lost power," he explained.

"Everything is linked to each other so the battery didn't charge and I didn't get any power from the battery.

"We know by now that the engine failed for some reason."

Vettel, though, saw the one positive and that was the fact that team-mate Daniel Ricciardo was still in the race and was up there near the front.

"50 per cent is down but the other 50 per cent - Daniel - is still running and in a very, very good position.

"I think the most important is that the car is quick.

"Obviously there is still a lot to do in terms of reliability.

"It's disappointing when happens to you but what can you do now?"

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