Ricciardo's not only out to beat Vettel

Friday 23-May-2014 08:25

Despite some concerns that Daniel Ricciardo would drown against Sebastian Vettel this season, the Aussie says he is "swimming" just fine.

Five races into the new partnership and Ricciardo has the advantage out on track even though Vettel has it in the points.

The Aussie is edging the qualifying battle four-to-one while on two occasions Red Bull have even asked Vettel to move over for his quicker team-mate in grands prix.

Asked if he was surprised that he was not drowning as some had expected, Ricciardo told the official F1 website: "Drown - wow! But everybody can see that I'm swimming!.

"Ha, I never expected that I would drown. I knew that it was going to be a big challenge - but I was ready for it.

"So of course I am pleased with how it's going - and now I just have to continue. Sure, the start I've had has been nice - really nice!"

He added: "For my confidence it was of course good to see that I'm on the same level as Seb - that was pretty good for me.

"But it's not only Seb - it is the whole rest of the field.

"To be in the top three in qualifying at most of the races - and to fight up there on the front - that's pretty cool. Of course I plan to keep the situation as it is now, but that will be quite hard work."

Pressed as to why he is able to get more out of this year's package that Vettel, Ricciardo says maybe has just adapted better to the new regulations.

"I don't think our cars are hugely different - I think that F1 is completely different this year. The car is pretty difficult to get used to - and maybe I have adapted to the new conditions a bit quicker than Seb did.

"Seb had a car at the end of last year he was very comfortable with, so it might have taken him a little by surprise to have a more complex car this year - maybe.

"But I don't really know. I don't look into it too much. If I am beating him I am happy. He had a good race in Barcelona so I am sure he is back onto his game now."

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