'Bulls won't benefit from Merc spat'

Friday 06-June-2014 14:29

Sebastian Vettel is not counting on the Mercedes spat playing into Red Bull's hands, saying the drivers are "clever enough" not to collide.

Last time out in Monaco tensions boiled over at Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton threatening to deal with Nico Rosberg in the same manner Ayrton Senna dealt with Alain Prost.

That on-track clash id not materialise and now, days later, everyone is claiming the feud is over.

However, even if it was not, Vettel doubts Red Bull doubts Red Bull could take advantage of it.

"If they hit each other then it's good for us... They take points away from each other, but they are clever enough not to [collide], so you can't rely on that," Vettel told Autosport.

"And with that many races to go I don't think it makes a big difference if there is one race where they take each other out. At the moment they have quite a big lead.

"Maybe double points at the last race... who knows. We have to look after ourselves and go race by race and then soon enough you'll be kind enough to remind us where we are."

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