Vettel 'lucky' to avoid Massa

Monday 09-June-2014 09:34

Sebastian Vettel was "lucky" to finish the Canadian GP after almost being wiped out by the "flying" Felipe Massa.

Racing towards the chequered flag, Massa and Sergio Perez, who was struggling with the brakes of his Force India, collided.

The impact sent both drivers careening off the track with Vettel, who was just ahead of both and halfway through the corner, almost being collected by Massa.

The reigning World Champion took avoiding action and raced on to third place in the grand prix, which was won by his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo.

"Into Turn One, I saw they were very close to each other and then saw something white coming in my mirror," he revealed.

"At the last second, I reacted and basically turned right as Felipe was in the air, flying past.

"It was kinda surreal, but I was quite lucky as I saw him just in time."

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