'Grosjean ban a lesson to all'

Thursday 06-September-2012 12:05

F1 race steward Derek Warwick hopes all drivers - no matter who they are - will learn from Romain Grosjean's one-race ban.

Grosjean has been sidelined for this weekend's Italian Grand Prix after causing an accident at the first corner of last Sunday's Belgian GP.

The Spa stewards slapped the Lotus driver with a one-race ban for as the accident had the "potential to cause injury to others."

Warwick, though, is hoping that the Frenchman's punishment won't only serve as a lesson to him but rather to each and every driver on the grid.

"I think that all drivers have to realise that they are not beyond being disqualified for one, two, three or four races," he told Autosport.

"If something happens that is considered dangerous then I think that the stewards should act like they did at Spa, where they got it absolutely spot on.

"Romain is a great driver; a fast driver; and a good race driver when he is clear of the first lap. But we've had 12 races now and I believe he has had seven incidents within the first lap. It (the ban) was right.

"If I just look at Spa on its own, I think it deserved the penalty it got and if you take everything else into consideration it deserved the penalty it got.

"Let's hope other people learn what can happen to them. I think that all of these drivers, and I don't care who they are - Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel - they are not beyond getting stopped for one or two races."

He added: "We all want to see quick drivers. Anyone can talk to a camera or be fit or the other things you need to do to be a grand prix driver, but to be fast, not everybody can do that. We don't want to take that away from the person.

"That's what makes Lewis Hamilton so exciting to watch because he is fast, committed and controversial: all of the things we want from a grand prix driver. But there are other drivers out there who are equally fast but making mistakes."

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