Hulkenberg: Drivers make the difference

Sunday 16-February-2014 09:30

Despite recent criticism that F1 is no longer a drivers' race, Nico Hulkenberg insists it is the man in the cockpit that makes the difference.

The sport switching to 1.6-litre turbocharged engines and limiting the amount of fuel drivers can use per grand prix, there are some who believe the pit wall now holds all the power.

Recently former Champion Jacques Villeneuve had a go at F1 saying it is "not epic anymore, the drivers are not heroes."

However, Hulkenberg believes it is still up to the driver to make a difference.

"As a driver there is more to learn and a lot of stuff to do," he told Autosport. "The workload on the steering wheel will be more.

"There are also a few more tools with the ERS in terms of what you can play with, and a good flow of information is important.

"Then you need to process the information and what you learned right away.

"You have to have good communications with your engineers and your team in order to progress as fast as you can."

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel believes it those who are more adaptable that will rise to the top this season.

"For sure there will be new elements of driving skills, and different skills generally, that you'll have to get on top of and you'll have to adapt.

"It's a new car, and it will feel different. Of course, if you drive it the way you drove it last year, in the race for example, you won't see the chequered flag.

"That's a very simple one to understand, but which way is the best? Every driver needs to find his own way."

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