Computer virus stifled Marussia

Tuesday 25-February-2014 09:06

Marussia Team Principal John Booth has confirmed that the Banbury team struggled with a computer virus during last week's pre-season test in Bahrain.

Marussia had to cancel Wednesday's session completed due to the virus, meaning drivers Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi only managed 29 laps in their MR03, fewer than every other team.

"It started off with the first disaster, which was a computer Trojan-type virus in the racks, which cost us the best part of the day, so that set the tone for the week," Booth confirmed.

"On the second day, we did 17 laps and it was ok, working through problems but then on Friday we lost most of the day with an engine issue and it took all day to change. The final day was a series of little problems and little problems with these cars take so long to fix."

"In the morning, we had an ERS [warning] light came on but it turned out to be a false signal, so that was two hours lost.

"Then there was a fuel system problem, which is not a Ferrari problem, it's ours. Things like that keep bogging us down, but I don't think we had the same problem twice, which is odd because usually you get recurring problems."

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