Chilton 'lucky to be here'

Monday 07-July-2014 06:33

Max Chilton was "lucky" to escape when a piece of Kimi Raikkonen's crashing Ferrari hit his Marussia at Silvestone.

Raikkonen crashed on the opening lap of Sunday's British GP, spewing debris all over the track such was the force of the impact.

Those racing around the Ferrari, including Chilton, were caught out in the accident.

The British racer narrowly avoided Raikkonen's flying front right tyre while his car was damaged by a piece of alloy.

I'm lucky to be here," he said after the grand prix. "I saw this alloy fly across and it broke the front left brake duct."

With his car damaged, Chilton pulled into the pits, breaking the rule that stated a driver cannot pit during a red flag. That earned him a stop-go penalty.

He added: "I went into the pit lane but did not know the rule about not being allowed to go into the pits during a red flag."

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