Ericsson wary of Maldonado's rep

Monday 10-February-2014 09:57

Marcus Ericsson says he'll do his best to stay away from Pastor Maldonado who has a reputation for being "a bit crazy".

Ericsson will make his Formula One debut with Caterham at this year's Australian Grand Prix.

But while it may be his first season in the sport, the Swedish rookie already been finding out about his new rivals.

"Maldonado's got a reputation for being a bit crazy," he told Euro Sport Sweden.

"You always have an eye on what you are competing against.

"It is a balance at all times. Can I run on the outside of a 250km/h against this guy or should I not do it?"

In another interview the 23-year-old spoke of the weight issues that several drivers, including himself, face this season.

"What can I do?" he stated. "I can't chop a leg off.

"Three kilograms around a lap is a tenth of a second and my team-mate Kamui is seven or eight kilograms lighter than I am."

He added: "I'm not eating any more burgers but I have to continue to eat normally because I train hard every day."

He added that it is a "shame" that the FIA didn't increase the minimum weight by a further 10kgs as everyone would then have the "same opportunities."

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