'Noise debate has life of its own'

Sunday 18-May-2014 07:17

Rob White reckons Formula 1 has overplayed the noise debate and should just get back to racing.

During Wednesday's test at Barcelona, Mercedes ran a megaphone exhaust tailpipe in the hope that it would boost the sound of the engine. It didn't.

Mercedes vowed not to give up although White reckons it is time to do just that.

"It's not something that can be permitted to take on a life of its own and overtake everything else that's going on," the Renault Sport deputy told Autosport.

"We've got to go racing and operate within the existing regulations.

"The work on the sound is being done for the greater good, [but] it doesn't feel like something we should get too bent out of shape about.

"The device was an attempt in good faith by the engineering group at Mercedes to investigate what might be possible without being too intrusive to the power unit."

White continued explaining that while it is important for F1 to listen to the fans, there is little that can actually be done to change the noise give the engine specs.

"The scope to make a profound change is very limited and I don't think we should do anything overly contrived, but if there's the opportunity to make modest changes without doing stuff too artificial, that should be considered in the balance of things that can be done to look after the product.

"We need to be putting on a show that people want to look at.

"Clearly there's been mixed reaction and it's important to take on board the views of significant stakeholders, like promoters and fans.

"The problem needs to be very well defined. If it's well defined, F1 will deliver the absolute most optimum solution possible.

"The piece on the [Mercedes] car was I believe the most expedient to put on the car in short order.

"For the time being, it is early days and we're in an exploratory phase."

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