Lopez: USF1 want to be the best newcomer

Wednesday 27-January-2010 13:29

New USF1 signing Jose Maria Lopez concedes if he hadn't made it into Formula One this year it probably would never have happened.

On Tuesday, newcomers USF1 confirmed that Lopez would be racing for them this season, finally handing the 26-year-old his big break into F1.

However, there was a time when the former Renault test driver believed his dream of lining up on a F1 grid were all but over.

"Three years ago when I returned from Europe I couldn't imagine getting this opportunity again. I know how difficult it is to get into F1," he told Reuters.

"Thank God the results and many other things came together. There are five new teams in F1 with more seats available. After a fantastic 2009 for me, which is very hard for anyone to repeat, if it wasn't (going to happen) this year it was going to be very difficult."

The Argentine, though, admits he has no idea how USF1 will perform in their Cosworth-powered car but, like the other three new teams, is intent on being the best of the newcomers.

"It's difficult to set objectives because there are many new things, new driver, new team starting from zero. We must be patient and have confidence in the people working. Today, the objective is to be ahead of the new teams," he said.

"The car should be ready between the 20th and 25th of February and then we're going to test drive it in Alabama.

"I'm going to enjoy it a lot but at the same time I'll be concentrated and at 100 percent of my abilities to be able to do things well."

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