Lopez hits out at USF1

Wednesday 17-March-2010 12:09

Jose Maria Lopez has launched a damming tirade against USF1, claiming the team 'hid things' from him.

The Argentine was confirmed as the team's driver in January, but a month later his F1 dream lay in tatters after the team was forced to ask for their entry into the sport to be deferred.

Understandably angry with the manner in which the team was unable to fulfill the promises made to both him and the FIA, Lopez concedes that he was mislead by the team.

"I find it hard to say that we did it wrong," Lopez said at a news conference.

"I think we put too much trust in what people were telling us."

"As soon as I arrived in Charlotte in February, I realised that everything they were saying was not true.

"What happened to us was unthinkable: in 60 years of Formula 1 it never happened that a team signed up and didn't make it. They hid things from us," he added.

Despite the disappointment, the 26-year-old has not given up hope of one day racing in Formula One.

"My idea is to go on, not lay my head down," he said.

"Everybody knows what happened. We are going to go on, even though as of today we have no firm project. Of course it's not the same anymore. There have been many falls and I don't know how long I can take it, or my family.

"It [testing] would be the easiest thing because racing in F1 is almost impossible this year. At some point I will be making the decisions," he concluded.

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