Chandhok: It looked worse than it was

Monday 17-May-2010 11:14

Karun Chandhok insists his Monaco GP accident with Jarno Trulli was not as bad as it looked - and it did look really bad.

Three laps from the end of the grand prix, Trulli tried to overtake the Hispania Racing driver through the Rascasse corner. But instead of pushing ahead of him, he landed on top of him in a rather frightening accident.

Chandhok escaped unharmed as Trulli's wheels luckily did not hit his helmet.

"Jarno just tried something silly really," the Indian driver told Reuters.

"I don't think he would have even had enough steering lock to get around the corner from the angle he was coming at. He would have done the old Schumacher 2006 parking move.

"He has apologised... I quite like Jarno, he's a nice guy and I think when he apologises he knows he's screwed up.

"Fortunately I was a bit lucky as I ducked and he went over my head.

"It didn't actually touch me but it looked worse than it actually was.

"But it was very frustrating because that was probably my best race of the year in terms of pace and we were racing the other two new teams."

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