Ecclestone admits Bahrain concerns

Sunday 18-March-2012 04:56

Although Bernie Ecclestone reckons the Bahrain GP will go ahead, he admits he's concerned it could become a PR nightmare.

As F1 got down to business in Melbourne on Friday, there were fresh calls for the sport not to head to Bahrain.

The Coalition Youth of the 14 Feb Revolution has called Ecclestone to scrap the April 22nd race saying the situation in Bahrain has "not eased but exacerbated."

And although Ecclestone has maintained several times in recent months that F1 will race in Bahrain, the F1 supremo admtis he is wary of it coming a PR nightmare.

"They (the protesters) don't need to resort to violence," said the 81-year-old.

"All they need to do is stand on the road on the way to the circuit, with placards, and they would get their message out there. Nobody's going to shoot them.

"If I was the organiser I would wait until 4pm, or whenever the race starts, blocking the road, a few thousand of them, and then go home.

"And if they successfully delay the race then they would get more coverage than they could dream of.

"There are always people threatening. I don't believe the organisers would take a risk if they thought there was a risk. Let's see."

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