Webber: A pretty good track

Friday 16-November-2012 21:32

Aside from the lack of grip the drivers experienced on Friday, Mark Webber reckons the new CoTA track is both "demanding" and "fun".

The drivers ventured out onto the Circuit of the Americas track on Friday morning where they were slipping, sliding and spinning on the newly-laid asphalt.

Despite having a few moments of his own, Webber finished the day in second place, 0.757s down on his team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

"It's a pretty good track," said the Aussie.

"Obviously it was very slippery to start with. That was quite frustrating probably for all of us, but the track rubbered in pretty well at the end. We got into a pretty good rhythm.

"As usual with all new circuits you've got to work out where you can prioritise your time, and the compromises around the lap. It's got a bit of everything, really.

"It's fun, it's a new challenge for us. It can be demanding and a bit frustrating at times, because we want to learn faster, that's the way it always is with is guys, but in the end I think we executed a pretty clean Friday.

"We know that the tyres are pretty high maintenance, that's something we've got to look into tonight. The rest of it was pretty straightforward, no huge surprises, I suppose the grip level of the track, but that's always improving."

As for whether the latest Herman Tilke design with the offer the overtaking opportunities everyone is hoping for, Webber reckons it could be a bit difficult given how slippery it is off the racing line.

"It's not the easiest track, especially off line it's very slippery. It's a good circuit, let's see what the racing's like."

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