Hamilton: Not bad, just different

Tuesday 05-February-2013 10:32

Lewis Hamilton concedes it will take him a bit of time to adjust to his new Mercedes after putting in his first laps at the Jerez circuit on Monday.

Having taken the covers off the W04 at the Spanish track, Hamilton got down to business as he drove the car for promotional filming.

"It was not too bad, it just felt like driving a different car," the 28-year-old told Sky Sports News. "I am not sure what else to say. There is a lot going on, a lot of new controls I am getting used to and so much information coming in and just trying to get on top of it.

"The steering settings that I had before are very different on this car and there are a lot more buttons as well. So utilising those and understanding the set up changes that they make - the dif settings.

"All the calls are different - they use different terminology on top of that and the car brake bias has six settings instead of the three I used to have so there is a lot of different stuff going on.

"I've driven the simulator a few times, but this was the first time I got to get a feel for it and also the tyres weren't the right tyres."

The Brit, however, did run into an early hiccup as he stopped out on track during the filming.

"We just ran out of fuel," he explained. "It is a procedure we take."

The most important question for Hamilton, though, is whether this W04 is a car that can fight for race wins and the world title.

"I can't really say," he said.

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