Pastor keen to stay away from stewards

Wednesday 06-March-2013 14:40

Pastor Maldonado has another year's experience behind his name and he is determined this season will be even better than last year.

The Venezuelan had a pretty difficult start to his Formula One career in 2011 as he picked up only a single point as Williams endured their worst season in history.

However, the Grove squad made major progress last season as Maldonado not only claimed his maiden grand prix victory at the Spanish GP, but he also ended the team's eight-year wait for a win.

Maldonado finished the season in 15th place with 45 points, but he will be first to admit that he didn't quite go so well as he often as he would have liked as he found himself involved in on-track incidents, which resulted in several visits to the stewards' office, a few penalties and a bad reputation.

The 27-year-old admits he was frustrated, but is determined to prove everyone wrong this year.

"I don't know what to do because Formula One is racing, Formula One is an adrenaline sport," he told ESPN during the final pre-season test. "It was difficult last year because I got to the point where I didn't know what to do. But this is part of what we have, we need to carry on and try to do our best. I know that I can be consistent."

He added: "We just need to carry on because for sure I am more experienced. I will try to be away from the stewards because for sure they have been very hard with me last year. Even without doing anything I have been penalised many times, so I will try to be away from them. I try to do my best every time, to try to be very competitive always."

Williams are continuing to improve after the disasters of 2011 and Maldonado says there is no reason why they can't be more competitive this year.

"We did a great job here [in Barcelona last year] and I'm sure we can repeat that many times," he said. "We are doing our best to do that and I really think the victory in Barcelona opened the door for us to believe in our potential and to push very hard for the future.

"We are fighting with mega teams and maybe we don't have everything to be winning the Championships. But I think we are going to win some races and we can be very competitive. I don't know if we can be at a very high level all through the year, but we are doing our best with the tools we have in the factory to do a good car."

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