Grosjean wants a '25-pointer'

Thursday 21-March-2013 05:18

Romain Grosjean is determined to achieve his maiden race victory especially after watching his team-mate take the chequered flag.

While Grosjean could only manage a distant tenth place in Sunday's season-opening Australian Grand Prix, Raikkonen raced to his E21 to the victory.

It was an impressive start for Lotus' Finnish driver with Grosjean eager to follow in his footsteps this weekend in Malaysia.

"Clearly Kimi's car worked very well in Australia and the fact that mine felt good at times over the weekend gives us a clear target for where we want to get the setup and a guide of what the car is capable of," he said.

"I want to be scoring 25 points in a grand prix for the team.

"I'm working closely with my engineers to understand exactly what is required to ensure the E21 is at its best for me. Knowing that we're very close to getting the car where I want it is certainly promising."

The Frenchman is adamant he won't be held back by last Sunday's disappointment, saying he is "ready to deliver" for Lotus.

"Of course, you want to be able to use everything you've learnt, but you always approach a race wanting to do your best and you don't let a result which wasn't as good as you wanted get in the way of that.

"I'm having a very short break between Australia and Malaysia to let me recharge my batteries so that I'll arrive in Sepang fresh and ready to deliver my best on track."

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