Damaged floor hampered Ricciardo

Friday 29-March-2013 07:02

Daniel Ricciardo has revealed his Malaysian GP was undone when he damaged the floor of his STR8 on the way to the grid.

With the rain bucketing down in the build-up to the grand prix, the 23-year-old is one of several drivers falling off the track as he tiptoed to the grid.

"We saw the rain begin from the garage and it looked pretty hard for a while. The situation was funny because, going out, we knew the track was wet but it didn't look chaotic," he explained.

"Out of the box I wanted to push hard because I knew we'd be starting on the Inter tyres and I wanted to get a good feel for it in the conditions. I came into the corner, started to aquaplane and had that 'aw crikey' moment as I slid toward the gravel.

"I really, really didn't want the race to be over before it started. Fortunately I managed to keep my moment and pull out of it.

"Jumping out of the car on the grid I had a look and the floor was pretty badly damaged. The mechanics did what they could to fix it on the grid but there was only so much they could do in the short amount of time available.

"I started the race a little bit compromised. That's how it goes sometimes but I was pretty angry nonetheless."

Starting 13th on the grid, the Australian was classified 18th, however, didn't see the chequered flag as he retired laps from the end.

"The start itself was fine: I managed to gain a couple of positions on the first lap and I think I got in front of both Lotuses. They are quicker than us but I managed to keep them behind.

"We weren't particularly great on the Inters but we did OK. I think we pitted at the right time for the dry tyres but we were getting killed in the high-speed corners with a lot of understeer because of the damage."

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