Whitmarsh: Not good for the sport

Saturday 30-March-2013 11:49

Martin Whitmarsh believes team orders can be detrimental to Formula One especially when they make headlines as they did in Malaysia.

Two teams issued orders in Sunday's race at the Sepang circuit, however, only one set was obeyed.

While Nico Rosberg listened to his Mercedes bosses when he was hold not to attack Lewis Hamilton for third, Sebastian Vettel ignored Red Bull when hold station behind Mark Webber.

Instead the German stormed by, taking the victory and the 25 points from his aggrieved team-mate.

And although Whitmarsh doesn't believe the Red Bull saga especially is doing Formula One any good, he concedes that McLaren cannot throw stones.

"No, I don't think the team order headlines are good for F1 personally," Whitmarsh told PA Sport. "But it is very easy for me to get very pious and say 'well, we don't do it', and condemn others. I don't want to do that.

"Anyone can turn around to us and say 'In 2007 you threw away a Championship. You could have favoured either driver and they would have been World Champion', which everyone knows is true.

"It doesn't feel right, though, that we could have arbitrarily sat in an office in Woking and say 'Right, we're going to have Alonso as World Champion', or 'We're going to have Lewis as world champion'.

"Of course, there's a bit of me that says 'B*****, we should have had the Championship', but in the same situation I hope we would do the same thing again."

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