Teams agree to January test

Friday 10-May-2013 15:55

The F1 teams could test in January next season after amendments were made by the Sporting Working Group.

Although teams were previously only permitted to test in February and March, F1's engine manufacturers requested an early test in light of the upcoming swap from V8 engines to 1.6-litre V6s.

The proposal was discussed by F1's Sporting Working Group on Thursday and was given the go-ahead. It does, however, still have to be ratified by the FIA.

"Tests in January are allowed; we're not quite sure if we will end up with it," McLaren's sporting director Sam Michael said.

"What I think we will end up with is a test in January and two in February, something like that."

As for a suggestion of holding one test in hotter conditions outside Europe, Michael revealed that it could happen.

"The advantage of being in Europe is you're very close to base when you first run your car. So you could do one test here and then go outside Europe.

"The only two changes to the sporting regs are that testing is allowed outside Europe in pre-season and testing is allowed in January, because those are two rules."

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