Pirelli going softer in Hungary

Wednesday 10-July-2013 12:12

Pirelli will reportedly make use of softer tyres at the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix than it had initially planned.

The BBC reports that the initial choices of 'hard' and 'medium' tyres has been changed to 'soft' and 'medium' after being criticised by the likes of Lotus as being too conservative.

Pirelli are able to make the change because their decision to alter the construction of their tyres following Silverstone's multiple blowouts means they can now use softer rubber.

"The change to the 2012 construction means that Hungary doesn't require such a hard compound now," said a Pirelli spokesperson.

After an investigation following the Silverstone debacle revealed that its 2013 construction had weaknesses that could be exposed, the FIA allowed the tyre manufacturer to revert to its 2012 design on safety grounds.

The changes to both compound and construction effectively mean that the tyres set to be used in Hungary this year will be one grade softer than last year.

It remains to be seen how the likes of Red Bull and Mercedes, who have lobbied for harder compounds, will react to the latest decision.

Lotus, Ferrari and Force India, meanwhile, maintain that there was never a problem with Pirelli's compound choices.

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