It's all about learning for Chilton

Sunday 14-July-2013 08:17

Max Chilton feels his start to his Formula One career has been very smooth, saying "I've shown why I'm here".

Nine races into the 2013 season and the Marussia driver has managed to see the chequered flag on each occasion while he has also helped the team to stay ahead of their main rivals Caterham.

The 22-year-old Briton believes he has done a good job, but knows he still has plenty of learning to do.

"Overall, I feel satisfied with what I've achieved so far this year," he told the official Formula One website.

"I've managed to finish all the races and I've done the job that the team have asked me to do. I've given them feedback and that's what we want when we're building the car and learning. I need to work on a little bit of everything to get more out of myself and the car, but I think I've shown why I'm here.

"As for the rest of the season, it's more of the same in terms of learning, but I think we've got to aim a bit higher now. We've just got to get the car stronger now - that's our main target, as well as beating Caterham. When you finish ahead of the cars around you, it feels like winning the race."

Chilton is pairing up with French rookie Jules Bianchi and he feels that unlike at other teams, they are focusing on helping the team instead of trying to show each other up.

"I think Jules and I are doing a good job - we're in our rookie years but I'm told the feedback we give is confident," he said.

"There's definitely more teamwork between Jules and I than competitiveness because we're both at the beginning of our careers and are learning. I think it's different when you're at the other end of the field - you already know the way the sport works.

"We're not racing rookies, but Jules and I are Formula One rookies and there are things for us to learn that the top guys already know. I've never been in a top team but I imagine that team-mates probably communicate slightly less. Where we are now, we're trying to learn from each other to help the team grow, as much as to help ourselves grow."

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