Webber gets one over on Vettel

Monday 05-August-2013 06:34

Mark Webber may not rival Sebastian Vettel in World titles or race wins, but the Aussie has at least beaten him in 'Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.'

Webber appeared on BBC's Top Gear, taking to the track for the finale of season 20.

The retiring Red Bull racer was put through his paces in the 'Star in a Reasonably Priced Car' challenge and clocked a 1:43.1.

But while that wasn't good enough to overhaul Lewis Hamilton, Webber did at least beat Vettel's time by 0.9s in the Suzuki Liana.

"You have beaten Sebastian Vettel in the same car," said the show's host Jeremy Clarkson.

Talking about more pressing matters, though, Clarkson also spoke with Webber about his pending retirement and asked if he would miss his team-mate.

"Probably not a huge amount, ah, no," was Webber's response.

Pressed as to whether he ever had the desire to give Vettel a punch, the Aussie said: "My dad always says you shouldn't hit boys."

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