Ferrari invoice Webber for taxi ride

Friday 27-September-2013 10:53

Reports claiming that Ferrari have invoiced Mark Webber for his taxi ride - courtesy of Bild - have proven to a hoax...

Last Sunday night, Webber caught a ride on the side of Fernando Alonso's Ferrari after his Red Bull race caught fire at the end of the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Aussie hitched a ride back to the pits where both drivers learnt they had been hit with reprimands.

Webber's reprimand has cost him dearly as it was his third of the season, handing him an automatic 10-place grid penalty for Korea.

And if he pays the alleged Ferrari invoice that will be another $27,500 thank you very much; $25,000 for the 'after hours rate' and $2,500 for Alonso's tip.

While reputed German publication Bild grabbed the invoice, which spread like wildfire around the internet, it later emerged that it was a hoax from

And PlanetF1 fell for it!

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