Button: It hurts like hell

Tuesday 15-October-2013 11:44

Jenson Button admits the 2013 season has been a painful one for everyone at McLaren, but he is confident they will be back to their best next year.

Not only are the Woking squad set for their first winless season since 2006, but they are also on course to go the entire campaign without a podium, which will be the first time since 1980.

Despite their woes this year, Button is confident they can turn things around next year.

"It hurts like hell," the 2009 World Champion told The Guardian. "If you haven't ever won a grand prix or won a World Championship it doesn't hurt quite as much but when you have been there and that's where you normally are, at least fighting for a World Championship, even though it hasn't happened for a while, it really does hurt.

"I don't see this happening for long. We have the whole of the factory, several hundred people - we have the resources to pull ourselves out of it, we have the expertise, it will happen, you have just got to hope that it happens next year."

The 2014 season will give many teams a chance to start afresh as the new regulations are likely to bring the pack closer together.

"I think the important thing when you're building next year's car is to understand what's going to work and what's not going to work," Button said.

"We've been around the block and we've made the mistakes whereas Red Bull haven't, it doesn't seem, but we know exactly where we don't want to put the car. So it does narrow the window and I think we understand what to do with next year's car. I'm not saying it's going to be race-winning because no one knows, but I have a feeling we have a good understanding of why this car isn't."

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